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What hath Lamont wrought?

At some point, very far in the future – long after President Donald Trump has been replaced in office by Joe Biden – some dispassionate and truly objective journalist will write an essay on the coronavirus political myth; that is to say, the way politicians used the coronavirus pandemic to feather their political nests.

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Autocracy in Connecticut, the new normal

Coronavirus, we have been told countless times, has knocked “government as we know it” into a cocked hat. Purely as a practical matter, we in Connecticut have no fully operative legislature or judiciary. This means that our usual three legged governmental stool – legislative, judicial and executive branches of government – is lacking two legs. Only the executive department, in the person of Gov. Ned Lamont, is operating on all cylinders and at, some would say, excessive speed.

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Ned the Enforcer

Following the lead of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, Connecticut Gov. Ned Lamont has now unveiled the sanctions he proposes to levy against what the Hartford Courant calls “defiant travelers.” We all know that where there are no sanctions, there is, practically speaking, no law.