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Is Trump leading a cult?

My experience as a former cult member and researcher in the field of Social Sciences earned me the ability to identify narcissism and cultish tendencies. Furthermore, as a former  New York City resident who kept abreast of interviews with the city’s apparent “movers and shakers,” I often questioned Trump’s qualifications as a leader, let alone as national presidential leader.

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Let’s try a different approach to learning during the stress of the pandemic

Who said we could continue with the curriculum during a time of pandemic? Who said that the stress related to thousands of deaths and the fear of being infected or infecting others, of losing our jobs, of not keeping the peace at home, wouldn’t be an obstacle? I am proposing that it is, and that we need to adopt a different approach to school and curriculum during the three or four months this lasts.

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Connecticut policy discourages potential bilingual teachers

Dozens of bilingual teaching positions go unfilled every year in Connecticut, and the number of bilingual adults choosing the teaching profession has decreased dramatically despite the rise in the number of students who are English Learners. Therefore, even if our new Connecticut outlook is shifting towards embracing globalization and multilingualism, bilingual education will not exist until we understand why we have a bilingual teacher shortage.