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Workplace mandates can hurt workers

If you step back and take a holistic view, many of the laws we enact ostensibly to benefit workers turn out to have a negative impact on employees as well as employers. Increasing the minimum wage always polls well with voters, and it’s likely legislation will be enacted this year that will eventually raise our state’s minimum wage from $10.10 per hour to $15 per hour.  While some workers will undoubtedly benefit from a minimum wage hike, many others will see reductions in hours and benefits, resulting in less take-home pay.

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Paid family medical leave proposals hurt those they’re trying to protect

One key exemption included in a pair of paid family and medical leave proposals provides all the evidence Connecticut lawmakers need to vote against these costly new mandates. Advocates say businesses have “a moral responsibility” to provide the benefit to their employees, yet the public sector is exempted from both bills, with state and local government workers left behind.