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Connecticut should accelerate energy storage deployment to benefit consumers and the environment

The Connecticut General Assembly is considering legislation – Senate Bill 952 – to ensure deployment of 1,000 megawatts of energy storage capacity by the end of 2030 – enough to power about 1 million homes.
To capture the benefits of energy storage and ensure Connecticut stays on track to meet its 2040 clean energy goals, we believe the pending bill should be modified to accelerate the deployment deadline and require all storage resources be competitively sourced.

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Singling out solar: How Senate Bill 943 will hurt Connecticut

Recently, the Connecticut General Assembly’s Environment Committee approved Senate Bill No. 943, “An Act Concerning the Installation of Certain Solar Facilities on Productive Farmlands” that singles out the least-cost form of solar development by imposing a permitting process established for large-scale fossil fueled power plants. This bill penalizing solar development placed on farmland will jeopardize past and future energy solicitations intended to bring clean energy, low electricity prices, economic development and sound environmental policy to the state.