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Make community nonprofits a priority in reopening Connecticut

More than a half-million people in every Connecticut city and town rely on community nonprofits for services critical to helping them achieve a quality and healthy life.
The Alliance is the statewide association, and the voice of community nonprofits, representing 117,000 Connecticut workers in this vital field. Today, those workers are on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic, feeding the hungry and unemployed, supporting those with disabilities, helping the incarcerated successfully return to their communities and working to ensure continuity of mental health services, every day.

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Hospital agreement is a road map for funding community nonprofits

The state’s settlement providing $872 million to Connecticut’s hospitals over seven years negotiated by the governor and approved by the General Assembly last month at long last moves policymakers past a thorny fiscal issue that has taken up significant airspace in the state capitol for the last few years. The agreement also points the way for the state to take on another challenge – remedying the dozen years of under-funding of the social services programs run for the state by community nonprofits.

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Connecticut must support community nonprofits

Connecticut’s community nonprofits are important contributors to our quality of life and the state needs to support them with adequate funding. Community nonprofits do many things for people who live and work in our state, things like providing substance-abuse treatment, caring for troubled kids, helping people with disabilities, heating homes and bringing arts and cultural programs to communities across the state. 

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Funding nonprofits is essential, necessary — and they should not be cut

Connecticut’s community nonprofits are in a precarious state. Year after year of tight state budgets have put increasing pressure on providers, leaving them to face an uncertain future at a time when the demand for essential services is increasing. With the prediction of at least three more years of budget crisis, there is little good news on the fiscal horizon.

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Budget solution: Change the way Connecticut provides services

Let’s start with the harsh reality: beginning the new fiscal year without a state budget will result in human services agencies across Connecticut cutting services and closing doors. Yet since January, leaders of community nonprofits have offered a way to save $300 million over the biennium while re-investing that savings to people in need, by shifting more services from more expensive state government agencies into the nonprofit sector.