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Free market forces, not government, should create affordable housing

Few people are aware of two initiatives being championed by progressive leaders in Hartford.. .the imposition of a statewide property tax of up to 2 mills over and above what you already pay to your local city or town and sweeping changes to state zoning laws that would take zoning decisions (and accountability) away from your local elected officials and mandate “as of right” (code for “no public input allowed”) housing development in areas of town already densely developed.

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From tipping point to turnaround

We hear every day that the national economy is strong.  Not true here.  Connecticut has been left out and left behind. Across our state, people are struggling.  Businesses are leaving.  Job opportunities are scarce.  Home values are falling.  Spirits are down and trust between citizens and Hartford is broken. This once vibrant New England leader is on life support.  November’s election will determine whether we continue to sink or begin to revive our economy and restore hope.  We are at a tipping point, and only Republicans can bring us back.