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Bridgeport school board chaos resembles 2011 meltdown

The chaotic scenario of  the recent, Feb. 13 Bridgeport Board of Education meeting – a specially-called meeting to institute new, controversial, by-laws —  resembled meetings defining the deliberately engineered chaos that served as the requisite prelude to facilitate the ill-considered, illegal, state takeover of the Bridgeport public school system by the Gov. Dannel Malloy administration in July 2011.

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No mystery to Trump-Putin relationship. It’s all about OILigarchy

As we shake our heads and wring our hands over the obsequious behavior of President Trump at his “diplomatic” summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin, and try to decipher and explain such behavior, it would seem that we are probably just nurturing anxiety in full knowledge of the reason(s) for such behavior and its unspeakable implications for our country and political-economic system.

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Ending the budget impasse ‘by the numbers’ — a rational formula

Regarding the current, derailed budget process at the state capitol in Hartford; it is obvious that both massive cuts in state spending and massive new revenue flows are needed to shore-up our collapsing state economy. There are obvious, appropriate areas in which to find massive spending-reduction opportunities and massive revenue-stream opportunities which have not been thoroughly or properly addressed to this point. Here they are…