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What Connecticut can learn from Massachusetts

ConnCAN was pleased to see The Mirror’s recent in-depth comparison of education outcomes between Connecticut and Massachusetts. As Jacqueline Rabe Thomas’ series pointed out, Massachusetts and Connecticut share more than just state boundaries. Our states are similar in many ways, including that our public schools serve similar students with similar learning needs. But our neighbors are doing a better job of educating all students, especially those in poverty and students of color. Massachusetts students also outperformed all other states in math and reading for grades four and eight on the Nation’s Report Card (NAEP).

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Soft bigotry of low expectations has no place in Connecticut

I have been a certified teacher. I now lead an education advocacy organization. I am a mother of small children. I am a white woman.
To me, the results of a new study by researchers at Johns Hopkins University, titled “Who believes in me? The effect of student–teacher demographic match on teacher expectations,” feels like a punch in the gut. The study presents stark differences in how African-American teachers versus non-African-American teachers view the potential of students of color.

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No time to waste in re-imagining Connecticut’s education funding

Each legislative session, we engage in the same political fights that yield only incremental progress towards the goal of providing quality education for all children. These unproductive debates, which pit traditional schools against public charter schools, underscore the need to solve our fundamentally broken funding model that currently plagues our education system.

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$47.1 Million Worth of Broken Education Reform Promises to Kids

Last year, when state legislators voted overwhelmingly in favor of landmark education reform legislation, they made a promise of great teachers, principals and public schools for every child. In doing so, lawmakers did what’s right by kids and families. A recent Global Strategy Group survey of more than 600 Connecticut voters found that 73 percent […]