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In support of a 35% tax on ammunition

According to a 2019 Congressional Report, gun violence costs Connecticut taxpayers $1.2 billion annually. This number accounts for healthcare, criminal justice, lost wages and employer related costs. This number does not include the millions that Connecticut spends to increase security at public schools, public buildings and places of worship. Currently, we are all paying these costs equally — including the 84% of Connecticut’s law-abiding residents who don’t own guns.

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Pregnancy resource centers should stop lying to women!

You have a quarter mile left to go and just two minutes until your appointment. You’re in a rush because you had to leave work early and you’re a little nervous. Unsure of where the office is located you’re relieved to see the number so you pull in, park, and start walking quickly toward the medical building. That’s when you notice them, a group of people holding signs seemingly standing in the way of the entrance.

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Time to break Connecticut’s ‘steady habits’ and make some progress

I am running for state representative in the 18th district of West Hartford because I feel a sense of urgency to improve our state economy and our society. In order to fix our state we need leaders who are willing to buck tradition and embrace fresh ideas. My campaign is focused squarely on the leadership at the CGA, leadership in the Democratic Party, and leadership by women.

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AHCA creates barriers for victims of domestic violence

The health care bill that passed in the House last Thursday has the potential to negatively impact large numbers of Connecticut residents, chief among them, domestic violence victims and their families. Under the American Health Care Act (AHCA), buying insurance will become too expensive for some middle- and low-income victims. Abusers will use that expense, and the continuous coverage requirement, as a means to control their partner. This isn’t hyperbole; maintaining health insurance is a very real barrier for someone trying to leave a relationship. The AHCA does even more harm though, it has the potential to cut off a vital lifeline for victims by making domestic violence a pre-existing condition.