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For Mom, it’s still 1950

I recently met a father, Donte Palmer, who is crusading for diaper changing stations in men’s restrooms. How extraordinary that he should need to do this.  If men and women are equally responsible for childcare, then it becomes inconceivable that a father would not have access to changing facilities while out in public. Our architecture betrays our thinking. A dirty diaper is mom’s problem.

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Sometimes diapers are the solution to maternal depression

A federal task force is recommending increased screening and treatment for postpartum depression, a serious illness that puts one in seven new mothers and their infants at risk. Getting these women appropriate help and support is critical. Sometimes that means therapy – but not always. There is a strong association between maternal depression and not being able to afford a basic material need — diapers, a Yale study done in cooperation with the National Diaper Bank Network showed. Moms in our study ranked diaper need as more stressful than food insecurity.