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Now and always, poverty is a killer

Television personality and clinical psychologist Philip McGraw, a.k.a. Dr. Phil, has been widely castigated for arguing against prolonged physical distancing, based on an erroneous claim that swimming pools are more dangerous than COVID-19. Less attention has been paid to his false assertion that 250 people in this country die every year because of poverty. Epidemiologists vary in their estimation of how many people die in the United States annually for causes rooted in poverty, but the figures are invariably in the hundreds of thousands.

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Diaper on, Connecticut! (And let’s lose the diaper tax)

It’s time for Connecticut legislators to free families from the diaper tax, giving them and their children the same boost as states like Massachusetts, Minnesota and New Jersey. The Connecticut Office of Fiscal Analysis has determined that liberating baby diapers from the state sales tax would free up $4.3 million annually, thereby leaving moms and dads with more money to care for their babies.