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Energy policy is rendering Connecticut a third world country

As a volunteer physician in Haiti, one of the first Creole sentences I learned was “Pa gen currant.” “There is no power.” Haiti’s power supply was unreliable and outages were common, which is why the wealthy had their own generators. Plutocrats, environmentalists and feckless politicians are now replicating Haiti’s problems here in Connecticut.

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Lamont’s new toll proposal is more of the same

Having failed to convince the good people of Connecticut to allow tolls for cars, Gov. Ned Lamont and the Democrats are hoping to sucker us into believing that if we allow toll gantries on 12 bridges just for Class 8 trucks (tractor trailers and large dump trucks); we will no longer be harassed for more money. But their actual goal is simply to get these gantries in place because with just a software change, tolls can be imposed later on smaller trucks, cars, motorcycles or any moving object attached to a taxpayer. Let’s look at some of the details:

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Regional cap-and-trade plan will soak Connecticut taxpayers

Many Connecticut taxpayers are upset over the Democratic attempt to place tolls on our highways and bridges; but, are unaware of a back door tax that could increase gasoline prices by 50 cents a gallon or more. This plan is being initiated by an unelected panel populated by bureaucrats making six-figure salaries. They are promising to use this money to promote electric cars, buses, and sustainable activities like bicycles and walking.

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President Trump should not bomb Iran

A drone attack on Saudi Arabia has destroyed 50% of their oil-production capacity. The consensus is that Iran was involved. President Trump has stated that America is “locked and loaded” and ready to respond. This would be a mistake. Thanks to the President’s policies, we are now energy independent. We do not need the Middle East’s oil and there is no reason to become involved in a conflict we cannot win.

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Politicians like Lamont are why Trump is President

Anyone who wonders why the general public was so outraged that they put Donald Trump in the White House has only to look at the behavior of our new governor Ned Lamont.  Taking a page from the playbook of his fellow Greenwich plutocrat, Lowell Weicker, Lamont deliberately misled the voters by promising to place tolls only on incoming trucks, just like Weicker misled the voters in 1990 into believing he would not initiate a state income tax.

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Predictions for 2019 after a so-so record of predicting 2018

Unlike most columnists who make annual predictions and hope you forget them, I will review the predictions I made for 2018 before proceeding:

1. The Republicans will hold the House and pick up Senate seats. Half right
2. The stock market will gain at least another 10 percent. Wrong
3. The mullahs are going down. Wrong for now but will be correct in the foreseeable future.
4. North Korea will be brought under control. Debatable. North Korea has stopped testing ballistic missiles but is ignoring its promise to end its nuclear program.
5. The Steelers will win the Super Bowl. Wrong. But we wuz robbed.

Given this lackluster record, I will now proceed to 2019 predictions:

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As the Ruling Class degenerates, America’s only recourse is …

Every society has a Ruling Class. In the United States, it is the super wealthy and those with Ivy League educations – especially those with degrees from Harvard or Yale. The leaders of our bureaucracies, major newspapers, opinion journals, think tanks, courts, corporations, universities, media conglomerates and political class come from one of these two groups – or ambitious individuals who have ingratiated themselves with these groups. This was not necessarily a bad thing, as long as our Ruling Class was competent.

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U.S. Rep. Elizabeth Esty — Champion of women’s rights

When Donald Trump became President, liberal Connecticut Congresswoman Elizabeth Esty proudly donned the symbolic pink hat, becoming a fierce member of “The Resistance” to protest the ascent of this evil misogynist.   As the #MeToo movement  — a reaction against male sexual assault — gained steamed, she tweeted  “As a young intern and an attorney, I saw and experienced my fair share of harassment in the workplace. I know how traumatizing, isolating, and painful harassment can be. I understand what that does to one’s work environment.”