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New community college organizational chart is built upside down

Having worked in the Connecticut community college system since 2002, I have witnessed some stupendously bad decision making at both the campus and state system level. However, the new organizational chart that was publicly shown for the first time last recently is perhaps the most notable example. The draft of the organizational chart is meant to provide a blueprint for the merged Connecticut State Community College, but what it actually shows is a pattern of egregious inflation in the ranks of an already over-stuffed administrative core.

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Time to dismantle the CT Board of Regents

However well-meaning CSCU President Gregory Gray’ appears, it doesn’t change the most important dynamic that impacts funding for higher education in the state: legislators don’t trust the Board of Regents for Higher Education that Gray heads and are leery of giving more money to a central office that can’t seem to do anything other than increase administrative costs, grow an already bloated management core, raise tuition rates, and continually demonstrate the debilitating results of bureaucratic paralysis.