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Let the best argument, religious or not, win the day

As a former atheist I read with sadness Patrick McCann’s opinion piece regarding the death of another proposed bill on assisted suicide. This is the fifth time after a public hearing that this bill has failed to come up for any committee vote in Connecticut’s General Assembly. It is a humiliating defeat for its proponents. When I was an atheist I tried to keep an open mind and did not scorn or smear others for their beliefs as Mr. McCann does.

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Democrats should leave pregnancy resource centers alone!

“It’s a blessing to have them in my life” said Jennifer Gambo, of Middletown, to a reporter outside of a pregnancy center targeted by Democrats this session. She and many thousands of women were helped by Connecticut pregnancy resource centers last year with counseling, pregnancy testing, education, ultrasounds, donations, encouragement and compassion for free.  It was not only free to the women who sought their help, but free to the state of Connecticut, which offers no financial support to the 27 centers throughout our state that offer care to all women.