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The lies they told us – and a way forward

As the coronavirus pandemic destroys lives and ravages economies all over the world, we are forced to wrestle with how we go forward here at home. We are battling a global health crisis, which has already cost tens of thousands of lives and pushed the American healthcare system beyond the brink. We are grappling with an economic crisis, as unemployment claims rise exponentially, and businesses close without knowing for how long or if it will be permanent. And we all wait to see how bad it will get. The heartbreaking unfairness and inequality of America’s economic, healthcare, and education systems are exposed and exacerbated more and more every day.

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Fairness to workers should come in many forms

The CT Working Families Party fully supports the Gov. Dannel Malloy’s call for a fairer Connecticut. We’re very encouraged by his commitment to put the needs of Connecticut’s workers, who have made so many sacrifices over the years, first. His plan to ensure fairness in the workplace is a welcomed return to the policies he campaigned on and made Connecticut a national leader for other states to follow.

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Attacking the Citizens’ Election Program equals attacking democracy

Connecticut Republicans are again demonstrating a total lack of interest in the integrity of our elections, from the top of the party all the way down. Voter suppression, foreign interference, and false voter fraud accusations dominate the national Republican Party’s outlook on democracy in our nation, and Connecticut Republicans mirror these assaults on our democracy with their own. Attacking the Citizens’ Election Program is nothing short of attacking basic democratic values.

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It is time to end preferential treatment for the finance industry

Connecticut is home to some of the wealthiest fund managers, who are getting a 19.6 percent break on their federal taxes. This lucrative loophole in our tax code is reserved just for a special class of millionaire and billionaire financiers, who gobble up inordinate amounts of wealth, and indirectly fuel poverty in places like Bridgeport and Puerto Rico by siphoning wealth out of local economies.

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GE’s move is not about taxes, and no reason for budget cuts

Back in January, General Electric announced that it will be moving its headquarters from Fairfield to Boston, Mass. Since that announcement, corporate lobbyists have pushed the narrative that GE’s move was motivated by higher taxes and a so-called ‘bad business climate.’ And the move has been mentioned often to rationalize drastic and harmful budget cuts and austerity measures. But a smart look at the facts shows that GE’s move has been portrayed inaccurately and we have taken the wrong lessons for the experience.

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Connecticut lawmakers help, but must do better for working people

Connecticut lawmakers took some critical steps to help low-wage workers and their families in the last legislative session, but they must do more to build an economy that truly works for everyone. People who work hard should be able to support and protect their families. But in our low-wage, race to the bottom economy, that is increasingly becoming a pipe dream. Lawmakers need to do better next year.