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Six years, millions of dollars, no progress in education

The future of education in Connecticut is, in the main, in the hands of the commissioner of education, the department heads at the University of Connecticut, Central Connecticut State University, St. Joseph’s and the University of New Haven graduate schools and their undergraduate teacher training schools. These are the main supply routes for filling our teacher and administrative roles. To date none of the products of these institutions has made inroads or systemic changes to the districts they serve nor at the state level.

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We need a new approach to educating Connecticut children

There is a cadre of families and children that for decades has not been able to benefit from a regular education. The evidence will support the position that the present Pre-K-12 structure of our schools has exhausted its ability to meet the needs of these children. That their needs are as well defined, and unique as those which were the bases for the enactment CGS 10-76, the special education law. A response equal in intensity, is required to remedy their plight.