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Reducing — not expanding — natural gas use is essential for climate and public health

A new U.N. report focuses on the importance of curtailing methane emissions as absolutely critical to reducing the threat of runaway climate change. This report vindicates what environmentalists in Connecticut have said for years, that building more fracked gas (so-called natural gas, which is nearly 100 percent methane) infrastructure is not a bridge to the future, it’s a bridge to disaster.

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We need green jobs, not a fracked gas power plant in Killingly

It feels like the bloom is off the rose of our country’s love affair with fossil fuels. Connecticut should join in and jilt its gassy lover. Gov. Ned Lamont is on the record saying he doesn’t want the proposed power plant in Killingly, but seems unwilling to stop it. He should take a page from our neighbor, New York, where Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s administration killed two proposed fracked gas pipelines in the past few years by declining to issue required permits.

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Will coronavirus spark a global expansion of white supremacy?

One day last week, on my daily walk to visit the great blue heron rookery less than a mile from my house, a man drove past me – an older white man. He rolled down his window and warned me – an older white woman – to watch out for a man up ahead around the corner, who, he said, looked pretty sketchy. As I rounded the bend, I saw a very nice-looking, normal-looking young African-American man standing with his bicycle – I’m a cyclist, too! – looking quietly toward the row of heron nests in the tops of the pine trees.

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Brave but hopeful, deported but determined — and still optimistic

I just got a call from a Salvadoran migrant I met almost a year ago when I spent 10 days on the Arizona/Sonora border with nine other women from Connecticut. We learned a lot about the situation of migrants on both sides of the border and volunteered at a shelter in Tucson where up to 300 migrants – parents with children – stayed briefly before moving on to their sponsors across the country.

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Connecticut can scale the wall of climate inaction

The victory of Democrat Ned Lamont for governor and major gains by Democrats in both houses of the General Assembly set the table for progressive legislation when the new session begins in January. Paid family leave, a $15 an hour wage floor, and raising revenue through legalizing marijuana and levying tolls on trucks have been much mentioned, and all are laudable goals. And the flipping to blue of the U.S. House should allow at least for debate on issues like fair pay, immigration reform and others. What’s been almost totally lacking is any talk of how to address the ticking time bomb we face that, if we don’t address it, will make other struggles for racial or gender justice or economic progress much harder.

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Not America’s first act of cruelty toward children

So many in the U.S. are decrying the Trump administration’s separation of immigrants from their children along our southern border, claiming, “This is not who we are.” It certainly isn’t all of who we are, but there are two such glaring examples of how it was exactly who we were – or who our government was – that we can’t ignore them if we hope to look honestly at our past and become the nation so many think we already are.