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Keeping them honest at the CSCU Board of Regents

I was disgusted to read the CT Mirror article on Oct. 24 Enrollment Sags at CSCU Colleges and Universities. My disappointment is not with the CT Mirror. They do a fine job reporting on critical issues. The concern is the inability of the CSCU President, Board of Regents and Chief Financial Officer to fully grasp the financial implications, the consequences with declining enrollment and to initiate steps to right-size the System office and the individual campuses based on student enrollment.

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Can U of New Haven afford to join NCAA Division I ?

For the University of New Haven trustees, faculty, staff, students, alumni and other stakeholders a careful feasibility study will provide context for the discussion of moving to NCAA Division I athletics. Going to Division I can be controversial, as a successful and ethically managed Department of Athletics can have a positive impact on the university and its alumni, but a successful athletic program is no substitute for academic quality.

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Fact checking the CSCU reorganization

It has been nearly nine years since the Connecticut Legislature approved Gov. Dannel Malloy’s reorganization of the four regional universities, 12 community colleges and an online college into one system, the Connecticut State College and University System. With the inauguration of a new governor and a newly appointed Connecticut Legislature Education Committee, it is wise to review the original premise and to analyze the progress that has been made.

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Connecticut requires a governor committed to education

Congratulations to each gubernatorial candidate on gaining a place on the November ballot. The next governor will encounter many fiscal, structural, and social challenges in the state of Connecticut. In nearly every government sector, from social services to transportation to economic development, you will be faced with a series of challenges and decisions that will define your leadership as governor. I have listened intently to your campaign and debate commentary. Notably missing in your respective platforms has been any reference to education. The purpose of this letter is to inspire you to adopt education and educational attainment as the most important asset that any state governor can endorse.

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Interim CSCU president’s appointment is not about education

Many assumed the next president of the Connecticut State College and University System would have an extensive background in education. Some are disappointed with the recent news, but, the appointment of the Gov. Dannel Malloy’s chief of staff as interim president for the Connecticut State College and University System has nothing to do with education. My read of the tea leaves is that the appointment is based upon the primary strength of the appointee which is collective bargaining experience and budget and finance expertise.