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Lack of transparency, not politics, led to the demise of the Partnership for Connecticut

Ray Dalio took to Twitter over the weekend, doubling down on his stance that the Partnership for Connecticut ended because of a “dysfunction and damage that is coming from politicians and the media.” But what was this “example of dysfunction” that caused Dalio and his wife, Barbara, to back out of their arrangement with the state on education funding? They objected to transparency,..

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Undo the Dalio fund’s exemption from the FOI Act

When the General Assembly returns for a special session to complete its unfinished business, lawmakers should also consider correcting a major mistake from this recently completed regular session. Specifically, the legislature should undo the Freedom of Information exemption they gifted Dalio Philanthropies in exchange for a $100 million donation for public education.

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New FOI exemption poses a problem

The state Senate Thursday approved legislation that, if enacted into law, would protect the identities of family violence under the Freedom of Information Act, exempting their names from public scrutiny when police reports are disclosed. The legislation builds on existing exemptions for victims of sexual assault or risk of injury to a minor. But proposed language creates a problem when two parties are charged with family violence offenses.