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A time to unite, not divide

The article “Caring for Connecticut’s Southeast Asian-American Communities during COVID-19” begins by discussing the severe consequences of COVID-19 and, specifically, its impact on the Southeast-Asian population in Connecticut.  My heart goes to all who suffer, and hats off to those who are battling the pandemic fearlessly. I can’t help noticing though, that the article digressed from its title and focused almost entirely on other marginally related issues, some controversial or even divisive, which raised questions regarding its intent.

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Lowering the standards for teachers is bad policy

I am concerned with the content of the article written by Jacqueline Rabe Thomas [Dec. 10,, “Increase in Minority Teachers Not Keeping Pace with Influx of Minority Students”].  The article advocated hiring more racial minority teachers, by means including lowering the required teacher qualifications, as a measure to boost the performances of racial minority students.  While its intent was probably benign, it looked at the wrong direction for a solution.