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Change the candidate debate format

Watching the most recent debate between the candidates for Connecticut’s next governor, CTMirror reported that there were a “few zingers” but little substance. The audience, although frequently admonished, added to the casual atmosphere, creating the feeling that we were attending an entertainment event rather than a political debate, by hooting, whistling, and applauding. Let’s face it, debates are forums in which each candidate tries to get the best, as the CTMirror puts it, “zingers” and hammer home one point whether it is factual or impactful or not.

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Happy Constitution Day for an apathetic citizenry

September 17 is Constitution Day. The Constitution is 231 years old. The Framers of the Constitution effectively protected us from having our rights taken away. But they never thought that we would give them away.  As countries go, the United States is one of the relative youngsters, nevertheless, our constitution is the longest lasting constitution in human history. So, Happy Birthday to the most important document in the life of every American citizen, a document which represents and embodies the freedoms that we have been enjoying for the last 240 years.

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The NPV will not solve the problem because there is no problem

The is a follow up to John Stoehr’s excellent article a few days ago. Although I agree with very few of the arguments nor his conclusions, it is one of the very few that I have read that presents a cogent and rational argument against the National Popular Vote (NPV). Bravo. I certainly do concur that we should just stick a fork in the National Popular Vote argument and let it go away.

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Obama, the laziest president, demonstrates the problem with politics

President Obama has been largely a “sidelines-quarterback.” His nickname of “No-Drama Obama” was earned by a full eight years of never getting out of first gear and assiduously refusing to exert and effort beyond the minimal. However, now it seems that he has suddenly come to life and is rushing to get some things put on his list of accomplishments. He came back from his latest vacation apparently with the intention to finally get some things done in his last few weeks. It seems as if he would like to be remembered for perhaps more than the president who has taken the most vacation time, spent the most on vacations (nearly $100 million), and logged more rounds of golf than any other president in history

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Connecticut’s school funding formulas whimsical, but not inequitable

Judge Thomas Moukawsher says the state’s school funding mechanism is irrational and the that state thereby failed to fulfill its mandate to thousands of schoolchildren across the state, and that the state spends this money “whimsically.”The funding formula is perhaps irrational and needs to be revised, but this judge’s decision can be described by those same two adjectives, and reflects a very basic failure to understand the problem. It seems that the decision was arrived at by looking at test scores and making the assumption that the only variable that affects these scores is financial, while neglecting the fact that there are many other variables which contribute to the quality of the outcomes.