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The subtle revolt of government for the few, not the many

For the 2020 election cycle, several presidential candidates have visited our beautiful state of Connecticut. Those candidates, however, were not here to listen to the vast majority of us, not here to understand our needs, and not here to learn how we wish to be represented by our president. They were merely here to stop by the wealthiest enclaves of Greenwich for a huge money grab – hundreds of thousands of dollars, all at once, in one afternoon.

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The DNC needs an Organizer in Chief, not a Fund-raiser in Chief

As chairperson of the Democratic National Committee, Keith Ellison will bring the reformational change to the DNC and ultimately to the Democratic Party that our party’s members demand and our nation’s voters deserve. With Ellison as chairperson of the DNC, the position will no longer serve as the failed model of Fundraiser in Chief, but instead, as Organizer in Chief harnessing the grassroots zeal which is now in full bloom across our country.

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Connecticut’s taxes should help build equality, opportunity

Thinly veiled threats from hundred billion-dollar corporations that the proposed state tax increases are “truly discouraging”’ and that General Electric would “seriously consider whether it makes any sense to continue to remain in Connecticut” are not to be ignored. We the people have a choice before us — one that requires us to choose the economic principles fundamental to the type of society we desire to create and live in.