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On concessions deal: Why the same powerless position?

As Connecticut senators vote on a labor “concessions” deal, the irony is that even greater savings can be achieved without any deal at all. Gov. Dannel Malloy claims to have extracted $715 million in wage savings over two years through a “wage freeze.” Yet, without any deal, he could achieve $770 million in wage savings. The simple truth is that wages can only be raised by contract. No contract, no raises.

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Granite State sets a course to become the new South for employers

Battling public sector unions has proved to be so much fun for Republicans that Democrats in the Northeast want in on the party: Last month Democrats in the Democrat-controlled Massachusetts House adopted a bill limiting public union bargaining rights. In New York, Democrat Governor Andrew Cuomo’s budget will force all governmental units statewide to pare […]

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Phase 1 of federal health care: Congratulations, Republicans

The first major feature of Obama Care is being launched, high-risk health insurance pools, which cover citizens previously denied insurance due to prior conditions. Congratulations, Republicans! Yes, Republicans, because expansion of high-risk health insurance pools was the central element of the GOP’s common-sense alternative to the grandiosity of Obama Care, aka the Affordable Care Act […]