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On concessions deal: Why the same powerless position?

As Connecticut senators vote on a labor “concessions” deal, the irony is that even greater savings can be achieved without any deal at all. Gov. Dannel Malloy claims to have extracted $715 million in wage savings over two years through a “wage freeze.” Yet, without any deal, he could achieve $770 million in wage savings. The simple truth is that wages can only be raised by contract. No contract, no raises.

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The deal they couldn’t refuse–but did

As they say, “Everything’s been said and everyone’s said it”: Connecticut’s state workers were nuts to reject the deal offered by Governor Dan Malloy. Indeed, anyone who looked closely at the deal is doubly amazed, because it involved no genuine sacrifice: a two-year wage freeze (no pay cuts or unpaid furlough days) followed by three […]

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Phase 1 of federal health care: Congratulations, Republicans

The first major feature of Obama Care is being launched, high-risk health insurance pools, which cover citizens previously denied insurance due to prior conditions. Congratulations, Republicans! Yes, Republicans, because expansion of high-risk health insurance pools was the central element of the GOP’s common-sense alternative to the grandiosity of Obama Care, aka the Affordable Care Act […]

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Financial regulation bill is too big to succeed

The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act of 2010 is over 2,300 pages long. The Glass-Steagall Act, the landmark bank reform bill of 1933, was about 100 pages long. Less is more. Glass-Steagall gained strength from its simplicity. The 1933 Congress concluded that the combination of investment banking and commercial banking (and other […]