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Tips to stave off armageddon (if you are a billionaire)

Recently, some smart observers of our economy have realized that our system is broken. These voices point out that the gap between rich and poor has grown too wide, and most people have not seen real income growth in decades. They denounce that the economy is rigged against working families. They point out that our education and health system are grossly unfair, driving growing unrest. The tax system and the prison system drive growing inequality, with political deadlock only making it worse. 

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Connecticut rail policy: the next four years

Even with limited funding, Connecticut can do a lot to improve its rail infrastructure without spending too much money – and can adopt quite a few policies that will create some room for additional investments. To achieve this ConnDOT, Amtrak, and Metro-North will have to adopt some significant changes on how they run their railroads, build infrastructure, and purchase equipment.