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Why ‘your truth’ is anything but

During the Academy Awards in 2017, the New York Times aired an ad with the motto: “The truth is hard to find.” This slogan was not only part of a marketing initiative by the Times to increase digital subscribers, but it echoed a message of awareness towards truth’s importance in an era where honesty has become a luxury, and lies run rampant.
However, despite honesty now becoming a commodity, the word “truth” itself has been continuously mishandled.

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The most important subscription service

In total, Americans spend $2.1 billion dollars every month on streaming, and since most Americans are currently under shelter-in-place orders, that number is bound to grow. We see this with Netflix, as subscriptions recently surged as the BBC reported that the streaming giant has gained over 16 million new signups within the last three months. The subscription model, in particular when it comes to digital media, is what keeps the lights on for many companies. However, there’s one digital subscription service that many avoid paying for or don’t feel they should pay for: newspaper subscriptions.