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Connecticut’s disabled need not fight the aid-in-dying idea

Disabilities rights advocates have successfully (and rightly) fought many battles on behalf of disabled and handicapped people, who too often encounter obstacles and attitudes that are antagonistic to their success and well-being. Understandably, they have a victimhood mindset, which is the lens through which they view any societal issues that can be imagined to constitute another threat to their existence. Predictably, disabilities rights advocates have reacted with alarm to aid-in-dying initiatives. I believe this is a battle that they need not fight.

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Opposition to aid in dying in Connecticut is an exercise in speculation

I would like to respond to the article titled “Physician-assisted suicide is not a choice issue,” which appeared in the March 25 edition of CT Mirror and was written by Lisa Blumberg. In simplest terms, her letter denounces aid in dying, which is immediately evidence by her use of the term “physician-assisted suicide.” Death with dignity is a sensible death; suicide, as we normally think of it, is a senseless death. I strongly support aid in dying (also referred to as death with dignity) because I believe that it is a person’s right and that in well-defined circumstances, it is a compassionate and helpful option.