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The pandemic fog is beginning to lift

When I studied nursing in college almost three decades ago, I never anticipated being on the forefront of healthcare history. I can tell you that this experience has reintroduced me to my motivations for becoming a nurse, and rekindled my optimism.  And I am immensely grateful for both. It is inspiring to see first-hand how science, combined with caring and compassion, can breathe new life into our communities and society.

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Let’s show our police we have their backs

“I’ve had enough.  I’m done!” If you haven’t yet, I fear you may soon hear these words uttered by many of your friends, family members, and neighbors who work in law enforcement.  That’s because a growing number of our front-line police officers are tired of being used as a political piñata.  Understandably, many are considering ending their careers in law enforcement early.