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State budget do-over: The conversion of Dannel Malloy

In the waning hours of the 2015 legislative session, as the exhausted members of the General Assembly debated the budget during an all-night session, Democratic leadership pulled their rank-and-file members out one by one to promise, cajole, and threaten them into voting for the budget. Now, half a year later, we can see why so many Democratic legislators were reluctant to join their leadership in voting for the budget. All of the warnings came true – people and businesses are leaving the state at a faster pace than ever, revenues continue to lag behind expectations, and the state budget remains out of balance.

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After GE’s announcement: What should Connecticut do now?

ince GE announced it was moving out of state, we’ve seen two types of responses – the cheerleaders who pretend this is just an aberration, and the doomsayers who have already started packing their bags. The better response is probably somewhere in the middle. Let’s first admit we have some problems and figure out what they are, and then let’s figure out what to do to about them.