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What Rosa DeLauro’s history making means

Big smiles last week from Heaven’s Hall of Fame for prominent Italian Americans. Surely the biggest was from Luisa DeLauro. She died three years ago at age 103 after an amazing life which included working in New Haven’s sweatshops as a youngster and then serving for decades on the New Haven City Council.
Last week her daughter, Congresswoman Rosa Delauro, became the  first Connecticut member ever to chair the powerful House Appropriations Committee.

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 Small minds kill a big idea for Connecticut’s poorest children

To be a Republican in Connecticut today, especially an elected one, you need to defend an indefensible President and the far-right people who control him.  You have to hate government and vote to savage it.  And you even attack the wealthy when they join government to make life better for people. That’s what happened recently when GOP leaders blew up the innovative education partnership between Gov. Ned Lamont and Dalio Philanthropies.