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Stop doing the Koch brothers’ dirty work

I have never seen a political ploy as shamelessly self-serving as the Republican’s attack on the Citizens’ Election Program (CEP) in the budget that passed the legislature.  Everyone knows that Republican caucuses grew in 2014 and 2016 due, in no small part, to dirty money that included some that was funneled through a Koch Brothers’ affiliated group in Ohio that was used to hide the source of the dirty money.

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CT hospital mergers, purchases, need strict scrutiny

It is hard to turn on your computer or to check out your evening news without hearing highly paid hospital executives saying that the sky is falling and arguing that they are on the side of consumers. In reviewing the recent filings with state regulators, it appears that this may just be an effort to create a distraction as they go about radically changing the health care landscape in Connecticut. If unchecked it is likely to have a very harmful impact on cost and access.