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COVID-19 re-affirms the need for adolescents to get vaccination rights

Ethan Lindenberger’s decision to become up-to-date with his vaccinations when he turned 18 against his mother’s wishes has become a story representative of teenage rebellion in 21st century America. Gone are the days of attending rock-and-roll concerts or creating a MySpace profile without your parents’ consent. In an age of anti-vaccine movements and the World Health Organization naming vaccine hesitancy and refusal one of the “biggest global health threats,” teenage rebellion means taking charge of one’s own immunization decisions.

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Student finds tech future requires design for human needs

Hoping to broaden my worldly outlook, I took an opportunity to attend Education First’s Global Leadership Summit with my fellow classmates. Going to London, Paris, and Berlin with thousands of international students for a leadership conference was more than a vacation. It was founded on an intriguing premise: “The Influence of Technology on Society.”