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Posted inEducation

McHugh on his way to remain UConn’s leader

Larry McHugh nomination to remain as chairman of the University of Connecticut’s Board of Trustees passed its first legislative test Friday–but not without some questions about  his role in a few public embarrassments the university has faced in the last year. “You were there,” said Rep. Linda Schofield, D-Simsbury, during the 90-minute questioning of McHugh […]

Posted inEducation

Bill scrapping college requirement for substitute teachers heads to governor’s desk

Substitute teachers may soon need just a high school diploma to be hired, as the state House of Representatives sent to the governor’s desk a bill that would no longer require substitute teachers have a bachelor’s degree. “We’ve heard from a lot of districts it’s causing a burden on them,” said Rep. Andy Fleischmann, D-West Hartford […]

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Study: America must address income inequality to meet college education goal

The nation won’t met President Barack Obama’s goal of having the world’s highest proportion of college graduates unless more low-income and working class students earn bachelor’s degrees, a new story says. The study, summarized in the Chronicle of Higher Education, says Obama’s goal would be achieved if all Americans earned college degrees at the same […]

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Assessing the value of a college degree

What’s a college education worth? Two new studies take a look at that question, and come up with somewhat different answers. One study, based on surveys done by the Pew Research Center this spring, concludes that a “typical” college graduate will earn $650,000 more than a “typical” high school graduate between the ages of 25 […]

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UConn extends hiring freeze to teaching positions

University of Connecticut officials informed their employees Monday they have extended the hiring freeze to include vacant teaching positions. “Most positions will need to remain vacant while the University resolves its projected operating deficits,” interim UConn President Phil Austin wrote the university’s 6,300 employees. When department heads feel it is “essential” to fill certain vacancies they […]

Posted inEducation

Connecticut’s school funding fix

Connecticut’s public schools face a daunting challenge: How do we deliver a dramatic improvement in achievement without an increase in spending? With each passing day, we read about entrepreneurs and engineers from the far reaches of the world who are realizing the innovations that will shape our lives for the next hundred years. Will our […]

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Making teacher evaluations work

Some people think that teacher tenure is a guarantee of a job for life. It isn’t, and it shouldn’t be. The American Federation of Teachers in Connecticut has worked closely with the chairs of the General Assembly’s Education Committee to draft legislation (Senate Bill 1160) that will redesign teacher evaluation systems and align them to […]

Posted inEducation

A grown-up choice on teacher layoffs

Connecticut’s grown ups have an unprecedented opportunity this year to make decisions that will put our students’ needs first. Tightened budgets at the state and district levels have us all thinking: how can we be doing things better? Is there a way to approach these painful cuts that allows us to weigh potential reductions against […]