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Lamont’s transportation budget doesn’t add up

The governor’s proposed biennial budget for transportation just doesn’t add up. Thanks to reduced rail ridership he’s projecting cost savings in the CDOT budget of $82 million over the next two years but promises no further cuts in service beyond those already taken during the pandemic.  But how does that jibe with Metro-North parent MTA’s projected $8 billion operating deficit through 2024?

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How the pandemic has upset the ‘Just In Time’ supply chain

Notice anything missing on your store shelves?  Maybe paper products or your favorite canned soup?  Given that the pandemic has been raging for over nine months, why aren’t the shelves full again?  Why isn’t the stuff we want “getting there?” Well one of the reasons is because a Japanese engineer visited an American supermarket in the 1950s and noticed something he thought was wrong… and we’re still paying for his astute observations.

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A treasure hunt for Metro-North

The headline a few days ago was encouraging:  “CT gets $400K grant to study improvements to Metro-North lines.”   But what’s $400,000 going to tell us that we don’t already know?
Any rider of Metro-North knows the infrastructure is crumbling, the station parking and seating on trains (until COVID) are inadequate and, on the branch lines, the service is terrible.  So why another study? Turns out, this federal grant is different…

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A transportation system in the eye of the hurricane

When it comes to COVID’s impact on transportation in our state, we are in the eye of the hurricane. That’s been the theme of my recent virtual talk to various Connecticut’s libraries and civic groups, comparing the calm eye of an intense storm to how we’ve become complacent about our transportation future.  We kid ourselves if we think the winds have passed.  The worst is yet to come.