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Anthem individual rates to rise 2.4%, ConnectiCare’s by 8.5%

Premiums for the 55,000 people who buy Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield health plans through the state’s individual market will rise by an average of 2.4 percent next year, while ConnectiCare Insurance Company’s 34,400 customers will see an average rate hike of 8.5 percent. Continue Reading →

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Regulator lowers most proposed health insurance rate hikes

Most insurance companies selling health plans in the state’s individual market will get to raise customers’ premiums in 2016, but not by as much as they proposed, and one major carrier will have to lower its rates, according to decisions released by the Connecticut Insurance Department Saturday. Continue Reading →

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Insurer: Cost of cholesterol meds, other drugs driving rate hikes

Neil Kelsey, ConnectiCare's chief actuary, testifies on the company's rate proposal at a hearing.

High-cost specialty drugs, including a new class of cholesterol medications expected to come to market later this year, are key drivers of the need to raise health insurance premiums by nearly 10 percent, ConnectiCare’s chief actuary told regulators Monday Continue Reading →

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CT insurance customers urge regulators to reject rate hikes

“Can you give us a break? I’m trying to provide the best health care for my kids and you make it more difficult each year!” one customer wrote to the Connecticut Insurance Department. “I might as well just drop insurance altogether. This is so discouraging.” Continue Reading →

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Insurers seek rate hikes for 2016 Obamacare plans, but expect members’ health to stabilize

Insurance companies selling health plans through the state’s health insurance exchange are seeking to raise rates next year, with average increases between 2 percent and nearly 14 percent. But the companies are expecting the medical needs of those newly insured under the federal health law to stabilize. Continue Reading →

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