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Attacked by Trump, insurers tout economic impact in CT, other states

WASHINGTON — Under attack from President Donald Trump, the nation’s insurers hit back Monday with a report aimed at showing the industry’s impact on the U.S. economy and the economies of every state, including Connecticut, where it said health insurers are a $1.15 billion business. Continue Reading →

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CT Obamacare exchange at a ‘critical crossroads,’ leader says

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Jim Wadleigh cited a new IRS policy that could affect the individual mandate, a proposed federal rule aimed at stabilizing insurance markets, and the ongoing uncertainty about the Affordable Care Act’s future. The exchange also has a budget crunch to fix. Continue Reading →

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For insurers, Supreme Court could demolish a growing line of business

Washington – The nation’s health insurers, including leading companies like Aetna, are hoping the Supreme Court does not strike down a provision of the Affordable Care Act that has brought them millions of new policyholders and provided new growth opportunities for the industry. Continue Reading →

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In UnitedHealthcare doctor cuts, some see larger trend

UnitedHealthcare sparked an intense backlash last fall when it notified more than 2,000 Connecticut doctors that they would be dropped from its Medicare Advantage network. Many people in health care believe that what UnitedHealthcare is trying to do — cover fewer doctors and other health care providers — is likely to become increasingly common in Connecticut. And to some doctors, the fight against UnitedHealthcare’s network changes is in part about pushing back against the larger trend. Continue Reading →

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Insurers extend Obamacare payment deadline to Jan. 10

People who sign up for health plans through state insurance exchanges by Dec. 23 will have until Jan. 10 to make their first premium payment and receive coverage effective Jan. 1, the insurance industry announced Wednesday. Previously, federal officials had announced that people would have to make their first payment by Dec. Continue Reading →

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Obamacare worry: Will feds pay consumer premiums on time?

Thousands of Connecticut residents buying insurance as part of the federal health law are expected to rely on the federal government to pay a portion of their premiums. But the federal government’s problem-plagued rollout of the law has left some would-be customers worried about whether that share of their premiums will get paid on time. Continue Reading →

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Connecticut insurers wary of Obama’s contraceptive plan

In coming up with his compromise in the dispute over whether religious-affiliated employers should have to provide contraceptive coverage for their employees, President Obama failed to consider the concerns of insurance companies who would be required to provide contraceptive coverage for free. Continue Reading →

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