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Combined reporting in Connecticut: Fair taxation for shared prosperity

After a decade of serious discussion, the Connecticut General Assembly wisely conformed our state’s corporate income tax policy to that of 24 other states by adopting a common sense policy known as mandatory combined reporting. But some corporations that exploit its absence to avoid paying their fair share are making a last-ditch effort to persuade policymakers to reverse the decision. That would be a mistake.

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CT deserves a more coordinated approach to problem-solving

As we have observed this budget debate, which seems more vitriolic than past years, we question whether there is a mechanism in place where business and government, alongside our nonprofits, can look at the social service needs of our communities. It seems that we must find new ways to work together to support our safety net while also meeting the needs of businesses that must focus on the return to their shareholders.

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CT business taxes: more fiction than fact

Contrary to the loud complaints of some in the corporate community, the state budget does not impose outsized demands on big business. When corporations complain of high business taxes, they are elevating fiction over fact. Let’s push back against the fear, exaggerations and misinformation and stick with the basic facts. No changes in the state budget should be considered in next week’s special session.

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Keep Connecticut businesses in mind during budget debate

Gov. Dannel Malloy’s recent $40 billion biennial budget proposal for the State of Connecticut contained some reasons for optimism for many in Connecticut. Cities and towns saw a small but unexpected increase in vital state aid, a proposed reduction in the state sales tax could bring some relief to every Connecticut resident and the unveiling […]