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Newtown Alliance slams Sanders for stance on gun-maker liability

WASHINGTON — The Newtown Alliance, a group created after the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings to promote gun control, said it is “outraged” that Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders doesn’t think gun manufacturers should be liable for harm caused by their firearms. Continue Reading →

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CT senators introduce bill to close ‘loophole’ in checks of gun buyers

WASHINGTON – Joined by several of their Democratic colleagues, Sens. Richard Blumenthal and Chris Murphy on Wednesday fulfilled a promise to introduce a bill aimed at closing a “loophole” in federal gun laws that allows a gun sale to proceed if an FBI background check is not completed in 72 hours. Continue Reading →

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Suicide with a gun twice as likely as homicide — about 50 people per day

LAS VEGAS — Americans are twice as likely to die from turning guns on themselves as they are to be murdered with one. A national News21 analysis of 2012 data found 18,602 firearm suicides in 44 states compared with about 9,655 firearm homicides in 49 states. That means at least 50 people died per day from firearm suicide; 26 died from firearm homicides. Gun shops and ranges in areas with high rates of suicide are teaming up with prevention specialists to prevent firearm suicides. Range employees are learning the warning signs of suicide to stop mentally unstable people from getting their hands on guns. Continue Reading →

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Joe Visconti and the gun issue are both sticking around

Joe Visconti’s path to the Republican gubernatorial primary runs past Hoffman Guns, where his campaign sets up under a red canopy most mornings, collecting signatures on a clipboard and cash donations in a big jug. He captured only 1.76 percent of the convention vote, but he’s a lot like the gun issue. Neither will go away, and no one is quite sure what that means for the rest of the GOP field. Continue Reading →

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