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House approves Amtrak subsidy, study of high-speed service skipping CT

Amtrak Wilmington concept

WASHINGTON — The House of Representatives on Wednesday approved a bill that would authorize the spending of billions of dollars to shore up Amtrak and require the passenger rail company to study the feasibility of a high-speed service from Washington, D.C., to Boston that would make no stops in Connecticut. Continue Reading →

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Municipal leaders upset with Malloy’s distribution of state aid

CCM logo

Municipal leaders say Gov. Dannel P. Malloy's proposed budget will reduce non-education state grants for about a third of Connecticut's cities and towns in the next fiscal year, and the Connecticut Conference of Municipalities is calling on the administration to make sure all municipalities are "held harmless" in the budget. Continue Reading →

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CT school funding overpays wealthy towns, underpays needier, critics say

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It seems like a reasonable standard: No town shall receive less state money to help run its schools than it did in the previous year. But in practice this means several Connecticut school districts in the wealthiest towns — towns that have fewer high-need students — are receiving more money from the state than they would otherwise be entitled to while needier districts get less. Continue Reading →

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Amtrak may study high-speed service that would skip CT

An artist's rendering of an Amtrak high speed train in Boston.

WASHINGTON — The House of Representatives will vote on legislation Wednesday that would require Amtrak to determine the feasibility of a new high-speed service from New York City to Boston that would likely cross Connecticut but make no stops in the state. Continue Reading →

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House approves Homeland Security funding

WASHINGTON – An impasse over funding of the Department of Homeland Security that threatened the paychecks of nearly 1,500 agency employees in Connecticut ended Tuesday as the House approved a bill that does not include riders to block President Obama’s immigration policies. Continue Reading →

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Connecticut may leave Uber unregulated for another year

Mike Cacioppo, a former cabbie, tells the press how he makes more as an Uber driver.

After a day of public-hearing testimony about free markets, innovation and regulation, the only consensus at the General Assembly about Uber was that the market-disrupting ride service is in Connecticut to stay. Exactly how or when to set rules for a business that’s upended the highly regulated taxicab industry was unclear Monday evening. Continue Reading →

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In CT, 1,500 Homeland Security employees spared shutdown, for now

Department of Homeland Security seal

WASHINGTON – With a last-minute vote, Congress averted a shutdown of the Department of Homeland Security, extending its funding by seven days and at least temporarily sparing 1,500 agency employees in Connecticut their paychecks. Continue Reading →

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Food stamp program under GOP microscope

WASHINGTON – Congressional Republicans this week began a comprehensive review of the food stamp program to determine what is working – and to eliminate what in their view is not – a move that could impact thousands of recipients in Connecticut. Even without changes in the program, thousands of unemployed food stamp recipients in Connecticut may find they are no longer eligible after the end of the year. Continue Reading →

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