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Larson joins a stream of lawmakers visiting Cuba

Rep. John Larson

WASHINGTON — While millions of Americans visit the beach, mountains or relatives this Memorial Day weekend, Rep. John Larson has packed his bags to go to Cuba. Larson, D-1st District, will join the stream of lawmakers who have traveled to Havana since President Obama moved to normalize relations with Cuba late last year.
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Senate votes to expand workers’ comp for cops, firefighters

Firefighters crowd the halls outside the Senate on Thursday.

The Senate voted 25 to 11 early Friday for legislation expanding workers’ compensation for police and firefighters, overcoming complaints that the new unfunded mandates would be financially ruinous to cities and towns in Connecticut. Continue Reading →

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Senate passes major health care bill, but fate in House uncertain

Sen. Len Fasano

The state Senate Thursday night passed an expansive bill aimed at influencing the state’s fast-changing health care landscape, a measure driven largely by the Senate leaders’ concerns about large hospital systems gaining too much market power and driving up costs. But a key House Democrat said that's unlikely to be the final version. Continue Reading →

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Murphy, Blumenthal, other Dems seek boost in Amtrak funding

amtrak logo

WASHINGTON — Sens. Richard Blumenthal and Chris Murphy are among a group of nearly a dozen Democratic senators trying to derail a proposed cut in Amtrak funding and instead help the passenger rail company tackle billions of dollars worth of backlogged repairs and capital improvements. Continue Reading →

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A symbolic victory for casino expansion

A craps table in the Casino of the Earth at Mohegan Sun.

The state Senate approved the consolation prize late Wednesday for those hoping to see a new casino authorized to combat growing competition from gambling facilities in neighboring states — particularly one to open in Springfield in 2017. The bill, which now heads to the House of Representatives, instead establishes a search process for a potential host community for a new casino — and requires the legislature to revisit the matter one year from now.
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The doctor is online, and lawmakers are prescribing some rules

Dr. Mia Finkelston during a visit using LiveHealth Online, a form of telemedicine.

Joanna Leach didn't have time to get to the doctor to check out her lingering cold. So she flipped open her laptop, signed up for a service and was soon face-to-face — or screen-to-screen — with a doctor in another state, who diagnosed her and prescribed medication. That form of health care — known as telemedicine — is expected to become more common, and an attempt by legislators to regulate it has brought forward a debate on the shape it should take. Continue Reading →

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3 CT lawmakers buck tide, vote ‘no’ on short-term federal highway bill

WASHINGTON – Reps. Rosa DeLauro, Joe Courtney and John Larson were among the minority of House members to vote against a bill Tuesday that would allow federal highway money to continue to flow to the states – but only for another two months. Continue Reading →

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CT says it has six months of transportation funds if Congress fails to act

Putnam bridge

Washington — The law that authorizes federal transportation spending in Connecticut and across the nation runs out at the end of the month, and the fund that pays for that spending is expected to go broke two months later, but Connecticut says it has funding in place for at least six months' worth of projects if Congress fails to act in time to avert the looming crisis. Continue Reading →

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Would state sales tax hike really translate into local tax relief?

Senate President Pro Tem Martin M. Looney

The fate of a major proposed expansion of Connecticut’s sales tax may not hinge solely on the objections of businesses and consumers. The key question could be whether cities and towns — the prime beneficiaries of these potential sales tax receipts — would use those funds to lower property taxes or to expand local spending. Continue Reading →

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