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With control of Senate in the balance, Connecticut senators help colleagues

Franken and Blumenthal

Connecticut Sens. Richard Blumenthal and Chris Murphy are donating a lot of money to other Democrats in tough fights this year for several reasons, but the biggest is that control of the U.S. Senate, now in Democratic hands by a margin of six seats, could very well flip to the GOP this year. Continue Reading →

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Advocates to candidates: Find money for Connecticut’s transportation network

Former Transportation Strategy Board member Karen Burnaska and other advocates challenge gubernatorial candidates to focus on state's transportation needs.

A coalition of nearly three dozen transportation advocates challenged Connecticut gubernatorial candidates to support increased funding to overhaul the state’s aging infrastructure – even if it likely means tax increases or tolls. Continue Reading →

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After Newtown, both gun-control and gun rights groups growing

Gun-control groups say they will provide political cover for their allies this fall.

Since the shootings in Newtown, a resurgence of the gun control movement is challenging the status quo. Nonprofit organizations on each side of the gun rights issue are battling like they haven’t in years, all trying to shape the country’s politics and win over the American people. Continue Reading →

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