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U.S. attorney opens probe of Malloy’s 2014 campaign fundraising

One of the mailers that kicked off an investigation into Democratic Party fund-raising for the 2014 election.

A federal grand jury with the power to subpoena documents and compel testimony is trying to do what state elections regulators could not: Resolve whether the Democratic Party and Gov. Dannel P. Malloy broke the law in raising money for his narrow re-election in 2014. Continue Reading →

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Quinnipiac poll drawing scrutiny in a heated White House race

Douglas Schartz, director of the Quinnipiac poll.

WASHINGTON — Quinnipiac University’s polls have come under fire recently, especially from liberals supporting Hillary Clinton’s bid for the White House, for results that differ from those in other presidential polls this year. The reason why is unclear, but several of the university's polls have shown more support for GOP candidate Donald Trump than other polls have. Continue Reading →

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CT GOP pushes a tight message, even if Trump and RNC won’t

Behind Rep. Anthony D;Amelio of Waterbury, at right, is a West Virginia delegation happy to make coal jobs a GOP priority.

CLEVELAND — Republicans go home Friday to begin testing a convention-crafted message of Donald J. Trump as the only answer for an America imperiled by Islamic jihadists, bad trade deals, Black Lives Matter, stagnant wages, environmental regulations, unchecked immigration, Washington elites, activist judges, Obamacare, gay marriage, a biased media and Hillary Rodham Clinton. Continue Reading →

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Klarides says nothing political in late arrival at RNC

State Sen. Art Linares arrived Wednesday night and joined GOP chair J.R. Romano in the front row.

CLEVELAND -- House Minority Leader Themis Klarides of Derby arrived here Thursday morning, saying she was delayed by a need to spend time with her ailing father, not a desire to distance herself from Donald J. Trump, the Republican National Convention or the GOP platform. Sen. Art Linares of Westbrook showed up Wednesday night. Continue Reading →

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Republican delegates ‘like Mike’ and rain boos on Cruz

Donald J. Trump congratulates his running mate, Mike Pence.

CLEVELAND -- On a raucous night when delegates booed Ted Cruz for failing to endorse Donald J. Trump in a prime-time address, Mike Pence introduced himself to a national audience with a speech that touched lightly on abortion and made no mention of gay marriage, issues that Connecticut Democrats highlight and Republicans ignore, stressing Trump’s core themes of security and economic growth. Continue Reading →

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CT GOP delegates, this meal is brought to you by…

The Breakfast Club, sponsored by United Concrete Products.

CLEVELAND — The daily breakfast buffet for the Connecticut delegation to the Republican National Convention is courtesy of United Concrete Products of Wallingford, a state contractor. An afternoon cruise Wednesday aboard the Goodtime III was paid for by the Mashantucket Pequots and Mohegans, two tribes trying to win legislative approval to jointly develop their first casino off tribal land. But overall, sponsorships are down. Continue Reading →

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State by state, GOP says to Donald J. Trump: You’re hired!

Linda McMahon applauds J.R. Romano casting Connecticut's 28 votes for Trump.

CLEVELAND -- Donald J. Trump, the most unconventional of candidates, won the Republican nomination for president Tuesday night on the most enduring of political traditions, the state-by-state roll call that gave Connecticut’s young GOP chairman a fleeting moment in the spotlight and Trump’s oldest son a pivotal role.
Continue Reading →

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