State lawmakers will hear testimony on a bill to extend the statute of limitations for civil actions in child sex abuse cases — an effort to allow dozens of victims of Dr. George Reardon to sue even though their case is too old under state law.

Last year, a similar bill also had a public hearing but the Judiciary Committee failed to vote on the proposal. Victims currently have 30 years after the offense to file a civil lawsuit.

The State’s Victim Advocate Michelle Cruz said she hopes this year the Judiciary Committee will act.

“Sometimes it takes victims years to talk about it and then confront their abuser,” she said.

Alaska, Delaware, and Minnesota have no statue of limitation on child sex abuse civil cases, said Sen. Mary Ann Handley, D-Manchester.

“There is a whole army of people out there. All we’re saying is just let them have their day in court,” she said, noting that seven victims in her district are unable to take action.

The public hearing will be scheduled sometime in the next two weeks.

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