State Senator Andrew W. Roraback announced today he is exploring a run for attorney general.

“I’ve always enjoyed righting wrongs,” he said. “The attorney general is the person you turn to to right an injustice.”

Roraback considering running for attorney general

State Sen. Roraback

A lawyer since 1987 at his family’s law firm in Torrington, Roraback said his 16 years in the legislature where he has never missed a roll call vote gives him both the legal and legislative experience necessary for the job.

“I love the job I have now,” he said, but with current Attorney General Richard Blumenthal running for the U.S. Senate he said it’s time for a Republican to take over the office.

No Republican has been attorney general since 1959 when John J. Bracken held the office. The seat is open for the first time since Blumenthal was elected in 1990.

If elected, Roraback said he will be “more vigorous” in fostering economic development than Blumenthal has been, criticizing his resistance in the Pratt & Whitney scheduled closure in Cheshire.

“I’ll be working with employers in our state versus working against them,” he said.

Roraback does plan to use public financing if he decides to run, a decision he criticized his former classmate at Yale and potential opponent in the November’s election Susan Bysiewicz for opting out of.

“She seems to have turned her back on it,” he said about the current secretary of the state who was an early cheerleader for the system. She announced in January she would not use public financing because of the uncertainty due to a pending court decision surrounding the program.

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