State Sen. Sam Caligiuri captured the Republican party’s endorsement Friday for the state’s 5th Congressional district, though an Aug. 10 primary is certain.

Caligiui of Waterbury received almost 70 percent of the state Republican delegate votes.

When the vote was announced delegates shouted, “No primary” and Republican Party Chairman Chris Healy said he prefers to avoid one as well.

Justin Bernier, who captured 30 percent of the votes, walked around the room following the vote telling his supporters, “see you in the primary.”

Two other Republican candidates, Mark Greenberg and Bill Evans, decided to sit out of the convention process and said they plan to collect the 1,800 signatures necessary to get on the primary ballot.

“The outsiders are going to overtake Washington,” said Evans.

“It’s better for me to go straight for the 92,000 registered Republicans in my district,” said Greenberg, an independently wealthy business owner who intends to spend not less than $1 million of his own money.

When asked how much he intends to spend, “there is no ceiling,” he said.

Healy said a candidate has never made it on the primary ballot for the 5th congressional district by collecting signatures.

“It’s never been done before,” he said.

In other races:

State Sen. Dan Debicella has captured the Republican nomination in the 4th District to face U.S. Rep. Jim Himes in a match-up come Election Day. No other candidate received enough votes to force a primary.

In the 3rd Congressional district, Jerry Labriola received 90 percent of Republican state delegate votes and will face U.S. Rep. Rosa DeLauro. Labriola is a lawyer and the state Republican Party treasurer. The one other candidate, Jeffrey Cheney, did not receive enough delegate votes to guarantee himself a spot on the primary ballot.

In the 1st District Ann Brickley, a businesswoman from Wethersfield, received the Republican party’s endorsement with 54 percent of the vote. Mark Zydanowicz received 41 percent of the vote, which qualifies him for a Republican primary. The winner will face U.S. Rep. John B. Larson.

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