Amazing how much attention two guys can get for being nice.

“The Daily Show” aired its own take last night on the curious case of state Sen. Andrew M. Maynard, D-Stonington, and his Republican challenger, Stuart Norman, who resolved last fall to be civil in their campaign.

“One would assume this was all some kind of hoax,” said John Oliver, the comedy show’s deadpan British correspondent. “Could it be I’d stumbled on the sole example of bipartisan cooperation actually living in the wild?”

The piece included Oliver testing their resolve by feeding them hypothetical gossip on each other and seeing how they reacted. Oliver pushed Norman to say what he would do with the info that Maynard was gay.

“It’s a hypothetical,” Oliver said.

“Actually, as it turns out, I am gay,” Maynard said.

“What?” Oliver gasped.

“I am gay,” Maynard said.

Oliver turned on Norman and demanded, “You knew he was gay, and you didn’t use it against him?”

“It has nothing to do with his ability to serve as a state senator,” Norman replied.

“My, God. They were real,” Oliver concluded, wondering if they had a “message for the planet.”

Indeed, Maynard did: “I guess the simple message is, ‘Don’t be a jackass.’”

Taped on location in the wilds of Voluntown, no expense was spared. Check it out here.

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