Connecticut’s 2nd Congressional District would be among the most heavily impacted in the country by the House Republican Medicare plan, according to a new analysis by Bloomberg, the wire news service.

The Bloomberg report looked at which districts had the most people aged 45 to 54-the first segment of Americans who would not have access to the traditional Medicare program if the House Republican’s Medicare plan is enacted. Instead of the open-ended entitlement program, they would get federal subsidies to purchase insurance in the private market.

Nine out of ten of those districts most affected are represented by Republicans, the Bloomberg report shows. No 10 on the list is Connecticut’s 2nd-represnted by Rep. Joe Courtney, a Democrat.

Not surprisingly, Courtney used the report to highlight his opposition to the controversial plan.

“This data shows in the clearest terms the devastating effects the House Republican plan will have on eastern Connecticut and our country,” Courtney said in a statement. “The Ryan plan will immediately increase out-of-pocket costs for men and women in the 45-to-54 age bracket by as much as $286,000 over their lifetime.”

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