Sen. Joseph Lieberman is warning his congressional colleagues-Democrats and Republicans alike-against efforts to nix the U.S. military campaign in Libya. Lieberman teamed up with Marco Rubio, a Tea Party conservative from Florida, to pen an oped in this morning’s Wall Street Journal.

The piece argues that the U.S. has an “unequivocal national interest in ensuring Moammar Gadhafi’s regime is defeated as quickly as possible.” And they criticize, indirectly, GOP efforts in the House to cut off funding for the Libyan conflict.

“… [R]ather than push the Obama administration to do what is necessary to bring this conflict to a successful conclusion, members of Congress are pushing to restrict our military campaign,” they two senators write. “If we withdraw from our air war over Libya, it will lengthen the conflict, increase its cost to American taxpayers, and raise doubts about U.S. leadership among friends and foes alike.”

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