Sen. Joseph Lieberman appears to have found an ally in his bid to remake Medicare, and along the way, possibly earn himself a spot in the debt-reduction debate that has dominated Washington in recent months.

Today, Lieberman will team up with Sen. Tom Coburn, a conservative from Oklahoma, in touting a proposal to overhaul Medicare, the government health insurance program for the elderly.

An embargoed media advisory sent out Monday evening says the two senators “will reveal in a press conference a bipartisan proposal to save Medicare and reduce the debt.” It’s not clear what news they will actually have, since Lieberman already outlined his ideas on this politically-dicey subject in an op-ed earlier this month in the Washington Post. And the Mirror already reported his potential alliance with Coburn.

But any proposal that tries to bridge the deep partisan divide on this program-and particularly one from Lieberman, a one-time Democrat-turned-independent, and Coburn, a hard-charging fiscal conservative-will be sure to attract some attention.

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