Online high schools have been around for a while, but some well-known universities are starting to get into the field, Jason Koebler reports at U.S. News. Stanford University, George Washington University, Indiana University, and the University of Missouri are among the institutions that have started diploma-granting online high school programs in recent years.

Graduating from a college’s high school program generally doesn’t guarantee admission to that institution, but having a brand-name diploma doesn’t hurt when applying to that or other schools.

“We’ve never had a student rejected because we’re an online high school,” says Bruce Colston, director of Indiana’s program. “We have a good reputation, and I think that means something.”

Most of these programs aren’t cheap, though. Out-of-state students pay $201.50 per course at Indiana, for example. Tuition at George Washington’s program costs $9,995 annually, comparable to some bricks-and-mortar, private high schools.

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