Weicker gives Mary-Jane Foster a hand in Bridgeport

Some interesting names are being drawn into the Democratic mayoral primary in Bridgeport on the side of Mary-Jane Foster, who is challenging Mayor Bill Finch.

Lowell P. Weicker Jr., the former governor and U.S. senator, is the honorary chairman of a legal defense fund Foster announced Tuesday. David E. A. Carson, the former People’s bank president and CEO, is the chairman.

Foster was initially disqualified from the ballot, but she successfully sued in Superior Court for a place on the primary ballot. As part of the same ruling, the primary was delayed two weeks, until Sept. 27.

Max Medina, the managing partner at Zeldes, Needle & Cooper and the former president of the school, also is lending his name to the effort.

Medina played an overlooked role in the 2006 U.S. Senate race, introducing Ned Lamont to some activists looking for a candidate willing to challenge Sen. Joseph Lieberman. Weicker also was a Lamont backer.