Malloy not a big booster of gas tax bill

Gov. Dannel P. Malloy acknowledged today that he was less than enthused about the legislature’s cap on a tax on the wholesale price of gasoline, which he signed Tuesday without public ceremony.

Malloy said the bill will not provide major relief at the pump, which led to a reporter asking if the attention politicians are giving the bill might provoke a cynical reaction from consumers.

“Yes,” he said.

Why do it then?

“The legislature decided to act and give an amount of relief. You could either look at it as very positive, or you could look at it in a cynical way. You get to decide,” Malloy told reporters at an economic development event.

Would he have sought the bill without legislative prompting?

“I have a whole different set of concerns,” Malloy said, referring to his desire for a revenue stream that can support the state’s infrastructure investments.

So, is that a no?

“It’s neither a yes or a no,” he replied. “I think you noted that.”