Arizona Sen. John McCain is helping fellow Republican, former Rep. Chris Shays, raise money and votes in Shays’ quest for a Connecticut Senate seat.

Not only was McCain a featured guest at a Shays fundraiser on Capitol Hill in Washington Monday night, but he agreed to a filmed endorsement in which he called Shays “a great guy” and said the Connecticut Republican “will be a workhorse in the American Congress.”

McCain also said Shays, who served more than 20 years in the House representing Fairfield County, has had on-the-job training and the “knowledge, background and experience” to serve Connecticut well in the Senate.

McCain, one of the Senate’s biggest hawks, praised Shays as being “strong on defense.”

“He understands the challenges we face,” McCain said.

In a speech at the fundraiser, McCain told lobbyists and other potential donors that Shays’ Republican in the Aug. 14 primary, rival Linda McMahon, is a much weaker candidate.

Shays hopes McCain’s endorsement — and fundraising help — will give his campaign a lift.

McCain won the 2008 Connecticut Republican presidential primary.

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