The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee on Wednesday came to the aid of Senate candidate Chris Murphy with an attack ad that accuses Republican rival Linda McMahon of “putting profits before people.”

Flashing stark black and white photos of McMahon, a former World Wrestling Entertainment executive, the ad says Connecticut voters “deserve to know the real Linda McMahon.” It accuses her of laying off 10 percent of WWE employees and failing to pay their health, retirement and unemployment benefits when her company faltered during the recession in 2009.

“But Linda McMahon took home $46 million a year,” the ad said.

The ad also knocks McMahon for supporting the extension of all Bush-era tax cuts, including those for wealthier Americans.

“Now, as a Senate candidate, she’s proposing to give herself an up to $7 million tax cut. Linda McMahon takes care of herself, no matter who pays the price,” the ad says

The DSCC is spending about $320,000 on these ads, and is likely to pour more money into Murphy’s race to try to level the playing field.

McMahon, who is largely self-financing her campaign, has spent nearly five times as much as Murphy in campaign advertising.

Todd Abrajano, McMahon’ s campaign spokesman ,said “a bunch of Washington insiders” are “trying to manipulate Connecticut voters.”

“Chris Murphy’s Washington cronies are sadly mistaken if they think they are going to be able to resuscitate his failing campaign by spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on false and unsubstantiated attack ads,” Abrajano said.

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